"Realism in details"
More than architects
Golden Vision Studio is an architecture, interior design and visualization practice based in Poland. We are a group of architects united by an endless love for design, photography and visualization. Inspired by the art of digital graphics, we created our studio to share our creativity with you! The studio is improving all the time and moving towards its target - to create art for our clients. Our clients are architectural and design studios around the world including United States, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Canada, UAE, as well as European countries. Each country has its own traditions and foundations, which is the key in choosing the style of a particular project, that's why in the course of our work we are looking for an individual approach to each client taking into account his/her wishes and requirements.
  • Dmitry Artiuch, Co-Founder & CEO / Architect
    "I love my job. Every day I understand that I'm going in the right direction. Each satisfied client motivates more and more for further development, attending various level-up trainings and master classes".
  • Anna Tikhonovets, Co-Founder / Architect
    "In my work, I am inspired by the fact that each project is a new small world, new acquaintances and incredible results. The main goal is to achieve a better result than yesterday".
  • Vladislav Sergeev, CG Artist / Architect
    "I am a professional 3D/2D artist. I love what I do. My passion is to constantly improve my combined skills that guarantees I can see through a project in its entirety to provide the finest possible service".
  • Your Name, CG Artist / Cheerful person
    We're a small team and always looking for talented people. Have we inspired you? Send us your CV and portfolio and we'll get back to you!
    Contact us via email: jobs@goldenstudio.org
Pretty Pictures
We are proud to collaborate with Pretty Pictures, a leading 3D rendering company in the architecture industry. Our partnership allows us to bring together the best talent, technology, and expertise from both companies, resulting in a strengthened offering for our clients. With a shared commitment to quality and creativity, our teams work closely together to deliver exceptional visual experiences that exceed our clients' expectations - even on very short notice.